New Saw X Clip Shows off the ‘Eyeball Trap’ from the Film’s Poster

Lionsgate recently released the full clip of the Saw X trap shown in the film’s main poster.

Fans looking forward to Saw X finally have their first look at the film’s grisly Jigsaw traps as a recent clip finally shows off the “eyeball vacuum” plastered all over the film’s marketing. The clip shows a man, a hospital sanitation worker, strapped to a chair with two long tubes attached to both of his eyes. In order to escape, he must break all of his fingers with a dial attached to the chair in under 60 seconds or the trap will permanently blind him.

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The scene is, of course, accompanied by Jigsaw’s iconic voice coming through a speaker to let the man know the rules of the game and how he is meant to escape, though the video ends before the man’s fate is determined. Also spliced in are several flashback clips detailing the man’s connection to John Kramer, aka Jigsaw, revealing his job as a sanitation worker at the Mexican hospital that denies John potentially life-saving treatment for his terminal cancer, leading him to enact his own form of justice.

While the eyeball trap is a brand-new addition to the long-running horror franchise, the clip is still reminiscent of the earlier Saw films, as it utilizes the fast-paced time-lapse editing style to show the victims struggling to escape along with cuts between the present day and flashback scenes that reveal major plot details. In general, most of the series staples are at play in the brief 90-second clip, with Jigsaw’s voice piping in to explain the rules of his twisted game as the victim tries pointlessly to escape unharmed.

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Tobin Bell Returns to Saw

Following the release of Saw 3D: The Final Chapter, the series took a hiatus before 2017’s Jigsaw brought it back with an all-new cast of characters and a much different visual style, taking place in an abandoned barn with a much younger cast of supporting characters. The following sequel/spinoff Spiral released in 2021 and saw the series deviate even further from its usual tropes, eliminating Tobin Bell’s Jigsaw from the equation entirely.

After Spiral saw record-low box-office performance for the series, making only $40 million domestically, Saw X sees the return of much of what made the franchise famous in the first place as Bell returns as John Kramer/Jigsaw along with his apprentice, Shawnee Smith’s Amanda Young, as they facilitate a whole new set of games between the events of the first and second films. Bell has appeared in every film in the franchise since the original, but was notably absent from Spiral, making this his first major return to the character in over half a decade.

Saw X releases in theaters on Sept. 29.

Source: Lionsgate (YouTube)

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